The founding of Crédito y Caución in 1929 served to introduce Spain to credit insurance and risk management service, the main system employed by companies worldwide to protect themselves against default risk in their trading operations. Since then the company has been Spain's market leader for this type of insurance with a share of 50%.

In 1997 Crédito y Caución took its services and experience to Portugal. The Company has two offices, in Lisbon and Porto, and is ranked second on the Portuguese market with a share of 23%. It has two subsidiaries in Brazil, marking the culmination of a project which will see the Company begin direct operations for the first time outside the European Union.

On the international stage, Crédito y Caución is the representative for Spain, Portugal and Brazil of the Atradius Group, which provides credit insurance, surety and collection services in 50 countries. Crédito y Caución first introduced export credit insurance to Spain in 1929. Its systems can draw on direct support in markets which account for practically all Spanish exports.

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