Credit insurance offers a comprehensive system to manage non-payments, thereby avoiding commercial risk. This effective protection mechanism is based on three guarantees:

The corporate risk analysis system offered by Crédito y Caución processes more than 100 million company records updated on an ongoing basis. It carries out continuous monitoring of the solvency performance of the insureds’ client portfolio. Its systems study more than 10,000 credit transactions every day, setting a solvency limit for the client which is binding on the Company.

This guarantee provides essential financial support for the liquidity of the insured. Whatever the case may be, six months following non-payment, companies receive compensation for the losses they have incurred under commercial operations they have insured with us.

Non-payment activates mechanisms that are designed to recover unpaid debts. Crédito y Caución’s recovery rate is the highest in the sector thanks to our extensive network of collection specialists.

Crédito y Caución services allow you to make the most of our knowledge in every stage of your business: prospecting markets and seeking out clients (CyC Maps and CyC Target); evaluating your opportunities abroad (CyComex); personalising control over your portfolio (CyCred View and CRM); speeding up debt claims (CyC Alerta): and improving your liquidity (CyCash and SIB).

We don’t just insure: we accompany your business from start to finish.

Spanish businesses operate worldwide, as does the range of products offered by Crédito y Caución. Our Domestic Credit Policy has turned us into leaders in credit insurance in Spain; however, we also offer the best coverage for exportation, insuring exports to any market from day one. Policies are available for companies that have yet to make their first sale outside Spain alongside other products that fully meet the needs of the experienced exporter. All our policies can be complemented with over 500 tailor-made solutions, to construct insurance cover that responds to the specific needs of each client.

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