Leader Policy: Right from day one we cover all your operations, in any country.

The world is changing. Which is why we are the first company to level the market playing field, removing the barriers which have dominated credit insurance for much of its history. Even if you have not yet made a sale beyond the domestic market, your company forms part of a global marketplace.

That is why the Leader Policy will, right from the outset, cover your exports to any country in the world. Because the issue is not simply to insure your clients today, but to move forward and free up your options for growth, wherever they may be tomorrow.

Crédito y Caución offers you one single policy to protect all your commercial operations and outstanding payment collection, both in Spain and anywhere else in the world, providing you right from the start with basic conditions for those countries where you do not yet have operations. A credit insurance policy which simplifies multinational client portfolio management, to guarantee the security of borderless trade transactions.
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